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Unsubscribe from Channels that haven't subbed back

I would REALLY like an option to find out what channels we're subscribed to where that person hasn't subscribed back... so we can unsubscribe.

IDEALLY, with the option to specify a certain length of time (e.g. 7 days) for them to sub back before I unsubscribe.

So I automatically send a friend request and subscribe to their channel. If they don't subscribe to mine within [x] days, then unsubscribe me from their channel.

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    Jonathan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Immanuel commented  · 

        Subscribe me I will sub u back

      • Anonymous commented  · 


      • Connor stockton commented  · 

        Put 906 if you have subscribed to me and I will subscribe back

      • Nyla Vox commented  · 

        We really need this, it sux when people sub, then unsub after you sub them.

      • Youtube88 commented  · 

        plus one for this feature
        included as part of the "multi sending feature" campaign

        Action =:
        * Unsub,
        * Option - "only bot follows(from log)" or "unsub all"
        * option to exclude "those who sub me"
        * option to exclude "whitelist", (create a list called whitelist)
        * after "X days". (info taken from log)
        * Performed everyday
        * included as part of the "multi sending feature" campaign

        Keep a log of the follows with a date, use this to perform the unfollows


        Please please to make the app complete "set up and forget"

      • prinzeugen commented  · 

        i really crave for this function a lot.. it would helo clean up and start another round of getting subbscribers ...

      • Trevonte commented  · 


      • eddythe commented  · 

        Yes, I want to unsub all those that haven't subbed me back.
        Really Good suggestion.

      • Trevor Goodchild commented  · 

        Subscribe to channels that you legitimately are interested in. If you are just subbing back and forth, it is meaningless. If people sub you and they unsub because you did not sub back, who cares. If you want a tone of subscribers, put out good content people are interested in. Look at all the big boys, that is what they did.

      • Stephen commented  · 

        There is only one way you get an email everytime somone subs to you. Copy them into your contact list then maybe tube toolbox can have a csv feature to import the copied people from your saved csv file. Now it should be easy. I repeat youtube sends you an email when someone subs you

      • Stephen commented  · 

        I would also like to see the 10 second limit lifted for unsubbing. I have noticed that youtube does not impose a limit if you are deleting or unsubbing friends

      • Stephen commented  · 

        If you cant do a gathering of all your contacts then subscribers then uncheck them in unsub. At least you will have 1024 then send a bulletin to everyone that if you accidently unsubbed them to let you know and if subbed to you you will return the favour

      • mrcarlospena commented  · 

        This is now more important than ever! Since YouTube has a limit as to how many channels you can subscribe to compared to how many are subscribed to you. Its just like Twitter if you can add a setting for delaying the unsubscribing based on dates so if I subscribe to someone monday and they have not subscribed back 7 days later I can filter that and unsubscribe from them that would be great!

      • mrcarlospena commented  · 

        Sorry to post twice but I think this feature should also be added to friends if i friend you and you dont friend me back in 7 days i should be able to see the list and unfriend those people daily.

      • mrcarlospena commented  · 

        @Tube Toolbox I understand what you are saying with only being able to see 1000 of subscribers but, if I am subscribed to 3000 and I only have 500 subscribers if you guys implement some kind of way that I can unsuscribe from the ones that are not subscribed to me then that 3000 thousand will keep shrinking until it matches the 500 subscribers and I think that is what we all want. If we cant see past the 1000 that YouTube allows that is fine cause we want to remove any of the 1000 that are not subscribed to us and in turn that will move a new group to fill the 1000 until we reach only the 500 that are subscribed back to us. I think this is really a very important feature that would help a long way. I think your program is awsome by the way.

      • AdminTube Toolbox (Admin, Tube Toolbox) commented  · 

        Here's the problem: YouTube will only allow you to view the first 1,000 people who subscribed to you. So, assuming you have more than 1,000 subscribers, there is NO WAY to be sure if someone is subscribed to you or not. That fact makes this feature impossible.

        People (including us) have requested that YouTube allow us to view more than 1,000 subscribers and I have a feeling like someday they will allow it. As soon as they allow it, I PROMISE we will add this feature immediately.

        If you all want to help, please visit the following link and tell YouTube that you want the feature added!


      • Fahad commented  · 

        perfect. I have around 3,000 subscribtions and only 280 subscribers lol.

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